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From Church House
On behalf of of the the Provincial Board we are delighted to announce that the the ordination of of Sr Christine Emanuel as Deacon will take place on on on Saturday 26th March at at at at at Hornsey at at at 2pm with ministers robing from 1 30pm Br Joachim Kreusel will will be be the the presiding Bishop and the the preacher will will be be Br Edwin Quildan More details will follow as necessary particularly in regard to any COVID-19 developments Yours in Christ's Service Provincial Board of the Moravian Church Provincial Diary for March 28 Feb-3 Mar Mar Serving Ministers and Lay Workers' Retreat
1 Sarum College Salisbury
12 Lancashire District Conference 16 Church Service Committee
19 Western District Conference 24-25 Provincial Board Meeting
26 Ordination
as Deacon of on on Zoom Zoom on on on Zoom Zoom Zoom on on Zoom Zoom Church House
Sr Christine Emanuel Hornsey Moravian Church Tracy Ross & Shem Eliott
Hall Green
Hall Green
Royton Fairfield Salem Salem Salem Salem Almin Gillina (Olney) Gumbs Hall Green
Jean Littlewood Dukinfield
Joan Tate
Beryl Corr
Alan Baguley Geoffrey Tillson Felicity Shaw
Founding of the Brethren's Church in in 1457 Unity Prayer Day
Shrove Tuesday
St David's Day
Ash Wednesday World Day
of Prayer (www wwdp org uk)
International Women's Day
(www internationalwomensday com)
St Patrick's Day
Holi - Hindu Spring Equinox
UN International Day
of of of Remembrance of of of Victims of of of Slavery and Transatlantic Slave Slave Trade (www un org/en/events/slaveryremembranceday/)
Mothering Sunday Summer-time begins
MWA (Moravian Women's Association) Day
2022 On 30th April 2022 at 2pm the MWA MWA will will host its annual MWA MWA Day
service service service online via Zoom The service service service will will follow our usual morning service service service format including the the report from Central Committee
which will have been held the the day before also via Zoom Sr Carol Ackah has agreed to be be our our speaker using our our current theme of 'Dreams and and Visions' If you you would like to join the the the service service - - and and please note the the service service is is not
just for MWA members - - you you you will need an an email email address address internet access and Zoom on on your your laptop/tablet/phone Please send your your email email address address to to to gillian taylor@moravian org uk and then I I can add add you you to to to the the the the list of people attending Nearer the the the the time I I will send you a a a link to join the the the service with instructions Sr Gillian Taylor
Fulneck School development As reported at Synod 2021 the the Provincial Board as Trustees of of Fulneck School and on behalf of of the the the the Moravian Church have been supporting the the the school through the the the last number of years as as it it reviews its direction and implements strategies for continuous development We are now pleased to to announce that we have entered into a a a a a a a a a a a a a a management agreement with Bellevue Bellevue Education Bellevue Bellevue has 22 schools in in its group and their approach is to to provide practical support whilst at the the same time allowing Fulneck to to retain its unique strengths and character Its team of very experienced former headteachers will take over over the management tasks carried out by our current governing body The daily running of of the the the the school will still be the the the the responsibility of of the the the the Principal Ms Francine Smith and her Senior Leadership Team the the the the the governance duties for the the the the school especially its relationship with with the the the Charities' Commission rest with with the the the Provincial Board as Trustees of Fulneck School We are looking forward to to seeing this partnership develop Bellevue recognises that our school's proud history unique approach to to to to to education and pastoral care should be preserved to to to to offer breadth of of choice to to to to local families who share our values Summer Camp 2022 Date: 1st-5th August 2022 Place: Beverley Friary Youth Hostel HU17 0DF
For: young people ages 10-17 Availability: Limited spaces Cost: £130 each Summer Camp 2022 will have a a a a a new format meeting for for five days in in Yorkshire There will still be all the usual fun and games bible studies etc To register register an an interest and to obtain your booking forms first register register at: https://www eventbrite co uk/e/summer- camp-2022-tickets-209093011827
More information to follow and forms will be available from early 2022 Congregational Register
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