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We thank our God for the the opportunity of of serving Him through the the activities of His church Church Services: many congregation members have been faithfully attending services on on on on Sundays since the the lockdown was lifted We also remain in in in in in contact with our other members who continue continue to to shield or are unable to to attend services services Sunday services services continue continue at at at 11am which include the monthly celebration of Holy Communion (excluding January) We thank our our minister minister and and the the four lay preachers and and retired minister minister minister who who led services on a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a rota basis We also thank the the the visiting ministers who who have led worship (Rev Edward Sanniez for for the the the harvest and Rev Rev David Howarth for for the the Anniversary services) Additionally we thank Sr Ola Lawal who was invited to lead one of our services services as as a a a a a a a a a a a a a visiting lay preacher Congregation News: from 1st September 2020 to to January 2022 eight members went to to be be be with our Lord Srs Violet Violet Christian Violet Violet Philips Leonora Henry Avis Allison Anne Audain Brs Glenford Warren Wilford Gray and Norman Blackman We thank God for for for their service Congregation activities: Bible Studies are are now held held on on on on Zoom on on on on Wednesdays at at at 7 30pm 30pm and Intercessory prayers are are held held via Zoom on Fridays at at 1 30pm 30pm Salem Oldham
Shortly after the the the first lockdown we we we had a a a a a load of rubbish dumped on the the the the drive As the the the the Pre-school weren't in in we we we we we decided to to leave it it it it so that we we we we we had no unwelcome visitors leaving their rubbish however the the the the Council removed it it it it it without charge or or or or informing us We have the the the the visitors and and their rubbish back every week now Vandalism has also been a a a a a a a a a problem with no no no one living near the the the church now We managed to get the school flat roof relaid and it has only leaked once in in very heavy rain so a a a a a a a a a a a partial success Despite the the the frequent changes we have managed to hold services at at Christmas the the the last two years but the the the attendance has not
During the last eighteen months just as as as we have been finding new ways to to to worship so too has our fundraising and charity support had to to adapt We moved to online craft markets and our our 'stall on on the steps' meant we could hold some of our our Fayres outside Thankfully our hall is is big enough to to to be able able to to to pack shoeboxes whilst socially distancing Hence we we were able able to to to to send 166 shoe shoe boxes to to the Foundation for Social Change Appeal As a a a a a a result of our fundraising/stalls we have also been able to send:
£180 to Foundation for Social Change £312 to MWA/YPMA
£121 to Water Aid
£500 to keeping Maasai girls in in education We hope that this year we will be able to to get out out and and about to to local churches and fetes once again Mary's meals backpacks for school have been unable to to to collect during this time but we are stocked up up and and ready to to to start filling bags in in in in in the the hope that the the charity will be up up and and running again soon Our Friday night quiz and and social evenings continue on on Zoom bringing together those near and and far We thank our God for for for His grace and and mercies for for for the the strength for for for for arranging the the the flowers flowers when we we we reopened in in 2020 and and last year 2021 Thanks to all who donated flowers flowers for for their birthdays anniversaries and special occasions There are now four members of the team Fundraising Activities: our fundraising activities in in in 2020 and and 2021 were cancelled due to to the national lockdown and and COVID- 19 19 restrictions We are planning to to do do some fundraising later this year with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a bazaar on on Saturday 19th November 2022 Thank God for His grace and mercies Sr Geneva Adjei
been as as good as as previous years When Br Martin Smith retired in in in in in September we had difficulty finding people to take services with no lay preachers in in in in in in the congregation except for Communion services services which which Br Harry Bintley very kindly leads We decided to hold services services on alternate Sundays in in in in the New Year which which seems to be working well Sadly in in in the the last few months we have lost three members of of the the congregation including Sr Marjorie Bottomley and and and Br Geoff Tillson who were stalwart and and and long-standing members Our numbers are dwindling but we we we we keep keep hopeful that we we we we can keep keep going until we we get a a new minister Sr Anne Broadbent
Rainbows celebrating Chinese New Year & the the year of the the tiger
We are now having a a a a a a a a a a a a combination of face face face to face face face and Zoom services seeing some new as as well as as familiar faces Sunday Sparks and and Rainbows are pleased to to to be back in in in in the hall and and we look forward in in in in faith to to to what 2022 has in in in in store for for us Sr Sandy Mundy
© Sr Sandy Mundy
© Br Edwin Quildan 

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