Moravian Messenger August 2021
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New Provincial Board Members
Peter Madsen Gubi
- New Provincial Board Member
I was born in Barbados in the West Indies. I am the son of Rev Peter Madsen and Joyce Gubi, and the grandson of Bishop Peter Madsen and Maude Gubi. We came to live in England when I was 12 years old, and I had my schooling at Fulneck School, where I was Head Boy in my final year. From Fulneck, I trained to be a teacher and a counsellor, and started my professional life as a teacher of Religious Studies. However, I gained more fulfilment from the pastoral side of teaching, and so pursued the counselling aspect of my life more fully thereafter. I have regarded all of my life as ministry/vocation, but I have exercised my ministry/vocation more outside of the Church than within it. I have worked as a counsellor in various GP practices, in a bereavement agency and in private practice. I have also pursued an academic career in counselling, alongside being a practitioner. I have three doctorate degrees and two fellowships, and have authored/edited six books and many peer-reviewed articles that have been published in reputable journals.
In 2015, I was made a Professor of Counselling and Spiritual Accompaniment by the University of Chester (the first serving minister in the British province to be awarded a 'Chair' in a British University), in recognition of my work and international reputation in the interface between mental health and
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Michael Newman
- New Provincial Board Member
I was born in Swindon in 1978 and was baptised at the Moravian Church there. My father, Br David Newman, entered the Moravian ministry when I was ten years old and we moved to Baildon, where I was confirmed, and where I did my GCSEs. We then moved to Fairfield, where I did A-levels in Maths, Physics and Geology at Ashton Under Lyne Sixth Form College. It was at Fairfield that I met Claire, although we did not start going out until I was in my third year at Oxford University. I spent a lot of time playing sports while at university, captaining the Lincoln College football team in my second year (we were relegated!).
In 1999 I was awarded a degree in Physics, and then worked for four years at Stagecoach UK Bus in Stockport, becoming part qualified as a Management Accountant. Claire and I were married at Fairfield in 2000, and we lived in the settlement at number 23A. Our first son, Daniel, was born later that year, and Ethan followed in 2002. During my time at Stagecoach, I also played football in the Lancashire and Cheshire League, winning several medals that still sit on the mantlepiece in my study.
In 2003 I began training for the ministry at Luther King House in Manchester. I was awarded a degree in Contextual Theology four years later. I served the Baildon and
Impressions of Synod from the Youth Representative
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100 hours of exercise in one week
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A Decade of Renewal, Stewardship, Evangelism and Growth
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Planting Trees
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