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The Young Peoples Missionary Association (Y.P.M.A.) was established in 1957, this being the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Moravian Church.

The aims of the Y.P.M.A. are:-

To encourage children and young people to learn more about overseas missionary work.

  2. To try and put children and young people in direct contact with many aspects of the overseas missionary work through the media of Y.P.M.A.

  3. To encourage them to share the knowledge they acquire about the overseas work with other people, both young and old.

To support this work, where ever possible, by their own personal giving and prayer and encourage others who may not necessary be members of the Moravian Church to do the same.

Each Y.P.M.A. member is given a Y.P.M.A. collecting card.

ypma badge
At the end of the year each child receives a Y.P.M.A. certificate and depending on how much they have collected during the year receives one of the following awards:-
£5 and over - SILVER BAR
£10 and over - GOLD BAR
£25 and over - PURPLE BAR
£50 and over - BLUE BAR
£75 and over - GREEN BAR
£100 and over - RED BAR
£150 and over - DARK BLUE BAR
£200 and over - FLUX BAR
£250 and over - MAUVE BAR
£300 and over - BROWN BAR

The bars are designed to fix to the Y.P.M.A. badge.

We also have a Y.P.M.A. hymn:-
Jesus our King Thou art,
Our Saviour strong and true;
In Thy dear love we all are joined,
In Thee we live anew.
Bless us Thy reign to spread,
Thy great salvation tell,
Till all the world Thy name adore
And shout “Emmanuel”
(Rev. A. J. Lewis, M.A.)



Y.P.M.A. Projects being carried out in 2014


ypma aquafilterAquaboxes

An Aquabox is a means of supplying safe water to those in desperate need.
It is a box that is filled with water and a filter and hand pump clipped to the side. The user then just has to pump to get drinking water.

Y.P.M.A. is providing 17 Aquaboxes, each suitable for providing drinking water for a whole school or village. In addition 7 smaller units suitable for a family has also been provided.


School bus for Khalatse

Money has been provided to purchase a new school bus for the Moravian school at Khalatse. In the school there are 200 students studying and they are from different villages, 10km, 12km, and 22km from the school. The new bus is a great help to get the students to school on time.


ypma children


ypma bike


Motor Bikes for Western Tanzania

Motor bikes are being purchased for use in southern area of Western Tanzania. This is a very poor and dusty area of the province. These motor bikes will be used as transport between Moravian Church communities. Motor bikes have been chosen as it is the only economical form of transport due to very poor road conditions.



The total collected by YPMA members in 2014 was £9410.48


To find out more about the Y.P.M.A., or to enquire as to how you can contribute to the Y.P.M.A., please contact the Secretary of the Y.P.M.A. Paul Greenhough

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