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The summer of change

2015 has been a year of change, renewal and variation. A new leadership team, Phill Battelle for Seniors and Roberta Hoey for Juniors , a return to the Frontier Centre but in different accommodation and reduced numbers gave an opportunity to change some things at camp in 2015. Camp has always been successful but Phill and Roberta thought it would be great to update and refresh the programme to include some new things alongside the usual programme. This happens to some extent every year but it was felt that with lower numbers more changes could happen. There was more emphasis on working as a house, rather than Seniors and Juniors, with worship planned in houses as well as the activities, raft building, high ropes and ‘Above and Beyond’ being done in these groups. The mixed age groups worked well as there was a greater range of ability in each group and the support the campers gave one another was as good as ever.

The camp included old favourites including a film night and the talent show (as amazing as ever), the torch game, bible studies, simmer down, the disco and, of course, a trip to a theme park. The bible studies, worship and simmer downs were all linked with camp looking at the theme of ‘Groundbreakers’ using the journey of Paul and some of his writings to inspire the young people to think about being groundbreakers, especially in the area of mission. The houses were named after three women who were each Groundbreakers in their own way, Kay Ward, Olive Linyard and Sylvia Launder and included in the camp was a message from Kay ward and talks from Mrs Linyard and Mrs Launder about their lives as groundbreakers when we visited Ockbroook. It is fair to say the competition got very heated sometimes but Linyard won the summer camp cup.

The sports/craft evening was replaced by a team games evening which included Human Hungry Hippos, where I can safely say I have never seen so much cheating or passion in a game at camp. The campfire was run by the centre for the Juniors who had pizza before it but apparently it wasn’t as good as those we do ourselves. While the Juniors enjoyed that the Seniors went out for dinner. We also added a waterslide, fortunately on the only sunny afternoon, where campers threw themselves down to wet slope of plastic gaining an array of bruises. The disco started with cocktails and a photobooth was available all evening for silly pictures, wigs, hats, and a range of other props provided.

I’ve not had time to do the feedback forms yet but this was said to one mum about camp "Mum it's so nice spending a week with brilliant people, who all respect and care for each other and have so much fun!" I think that is living our lives as Christians and showing the young people faith isn’t stuffy and boring but is something to celebrate by living life to the full and caring for each other – summer camp leaders you did it! Well done and thank you.



Summer Camp 2011


This has been my 7th year at summer camp and every year I say the same thing. "THIS IS THE BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR!" meeting new and amazing people and seeing the ones you've known for years. Because camp was smaller this year, it allowed us to really connect with each other and mix with other groups (seniors spend time with juniors and middles) and it made it like a family reunion. (One big Christian, Moravian family!)

Another year at the Frontier Centre. and once again the staff were great. They helped us with weird tasks like getting frozen fish fingers on a plate and 25 clean cups for a race and also leading new and old activities. We had the opportunity of doing a new activity called "the King Swing" which is a massive device that lifts you into the sky, releases you and let's you just swing. By the reaction of some people it was a scary yet enjoyable experience. We also did activities that we've done before like fencing and climbing which are still just
as enjoyable as the first time we did them.

In the seniors part of camp we had fun times too. We had a surprise water fight and put mattresses on the floor and bounced on them (note from Joy – not at the same time as the water fight!) but the most important thing we did was to have focused time with our bibles. We studied the stories of Abraham and the hard parts of his life. We then looked at how this could relate to us as young people. The theme of the week was communication and each group in the camp showed it in many different ways and by the end of the week we all got a clearer understanding of how to talk to God and have a stronger relationship with him.

Summer camp is a good place were you can meet up with your Christian friends and strengthen your faith in God. One of the many tasks to support this was when we wrote a prayer and threw it into the fire which then make's it's way up to heaven for God.

By the end of the week everyone in the seniors part of camp were in tears (even me) because we created such a great bond together over the week that we don't want to let go of it. Hopefully I will see everyone soon. xD

Aaron Peters

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