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We have learnt lessons in in in in in terms of team availability and we hope to to do a a a a a a a a a a a a a a smaller festival in in in in in the the Spring again working with with the the the local community community where possible to to connect us all all more with with God God life in in this community community and the the the joy
of of discovering the the the Spirit of of God God together We have also recognised that for for now our focus continues to to be Art Based but that for for the next year at at at least we are going to be concentrating on on families Watch this space Sr Claire Maxwell
Minister at Fetter Lane
The Pioneer Team
had planned a a a a a a a creative week of of ministry set to to begin October half term 2020 2020 and and just like most of of life in in in in 2020 2020 things paused However our vision was not lost and and with funding behind us us us us from from the the Moravian Church for Pioneer Ministry and and and a a a a a a a a a a a a a a two thousand pounds generous grant from from the the Royal Borough of Chelsea and and and Kensington we we planned ahead as a a a a a a a a a a a a a a team for the event to to be be be rolled out in in what we we hoped would be be be a a better 2021 Our Our Art Art Week which we named 'Art in in in Our Our Time' aimed to to bring people together from both sides of of our street the the the King's Road where where some of of the the the richest folks live opposite social housing We also hoped it it would provide a a a a a a a a place where where people could come together and and and process through prayer laughter reflection and and and artistry all that has passed in in in the the the last eighteen months (and ongoing) with COVID Sharing together together our stories and and and experiences and and and and taking time together together and and and and in in in in quiet moments apart to to process all that has gone on on and and and been felt Where is is is God in in in that you you may wonder? Pioneer Ministry is is is rarely as as explicit as as 'quoting Bible verses at at you' although we did wonder about about them when it it came to several of our workshops Indeed this Pioneer Ministry is is is is is more about about gently discerning where God is is is is is is in in in in in our lives perhaps in in in in in unexpected or or or unexplored ways This week intended to gently wonder We had one one hundred and eleven people people across all events attending not including people people who who formed part of the Pioneer Team
or or or or or those who who facilitated workshops Practically we have have contact details formed for for future events and people have have have connected with with us us who have have never been into our space before It It gave us us a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a chance to to to speak and and engage with with the the financially financially rich and and the the the more financially financially modest It It may seem strange to to emphasise this this latter point but one observation over the the the last three years living here here is is is is how little this this happens It was therefore incredibly meaningful to have a a a a a a a a a a a a a a family family attend from from one of our our known richest roads alongside a a a a a a a a a a a a a a family family from from our our our local estate The importance of of this mixing is is is is vital for for for the the healthiness of of our our areas and and for for for us to to work within the the vision that God God is is is is for for for all to to experience As we wondered around God's plan and and and sense of Creation in in in the Family Land Art workshop it felt like a a a a a a a a a moment of God being present in in in this this because this this is is is so rare My personal favourite session was done by a a a a a a Storyteller called David Allen who carefully weaved together a a a a a a story that celebrated all those local on the the ground type heroes who have worked and supported our community throughout COVID He got the the the group that gathered actively participating adults as as as well
as as as children taking on drama roles as as as we we thought about and appreciated: cleaners teachers nurses bus drivers drivers neighbours delivery drivers drivers - - to name but a a a a a a few We ended in prayer and it it felt like a a a a a a Spirit-filled moment Some written feedback we we received from the the week included these quotes:
'Great had a a a a a a a a lovely time' - a a a a a a a a family who attended our Family Art Therapy Session 'Meaningful' - Adult Art Therapy Session 'If church church was like this this I I would attend attend weekly' - - this this came from a a a a a a a self-declared non church church going family who attended our Muddy Church session 'It was well
organised and enjoyable' - World's End Under 5's Session India and Nepal - Book Review
This book is is an illustrated account of ten journeys undertaken by Br John
McOwat to India and Nepal as a a a a a representative of the British Mission Board
(BMB) on behalf of the worldwide Unity between 1995 and 2009 He was accompanied sometimes by his wife Beth and occasionally by Br Robert Hopcroft the the BMB member at the the time Based primarily on on on his own personal diary notes the the the book not not only captures the the the spirit and details about the the the the visitations but it it it also records aspects of of the the the growth and development of of the the Moravian Church in South Asia: consecrations dedications negotiations along with stories of the the hectic and and unpredictable travel schedules and and and was moved by the the the warmth of the the the spirit and and hospitality on these trips Written in in a a a a a a a diary entry style interspersed with occasional reports over 14 years you can follow the day-to-day adventures work prayers and fulfilment of plans ‘India and Nepal’ written by Br John
McOwat is available at at at Church House and can be obtained with with a a a a a a a a a a a donation of £10 (plus P P & P) with with all proceeds going going towards the the ongoing work of the the Moravian Church in in South Asia To order your copy please contact the Bookroom via via email at at office@moravian org uk or or or by telephone at at 020 8883 3409 27 Art in Our Time October 2021 at Fetter Lane
Moravian Close
Circus Skills workshop provided a time of laughter and lightness
© Sr Claire Maxwell

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