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Sabbatical Part Two:
The Road Trip
Last year I spent two months working on some of of the modules of of a a Master's course at Luther King House in in Manchester Due to COVID restrictions the remaining month of my sabbatical was put on hold until recently In October Claire and I I spent four weeks travelling around England and and Wales visiting the locations of 24 former Moravian Moravian Churches and a a a a a a Moravian Moravian school We took our our little touring caravan and stayed at seven campsites using each as as a a a a a base to visit the locations in that area Our trip took us as as far south as as Devon as as far west as as Pembrokeshire and as as far north as as County Durham At each location we found out what the buildings or or or former sites are used for for today We found out a a little bit of the history of each church (more detailed historical information can be found in in the Provincial Archives) We also noted
where to park if visiting by car We have produced a a booklet with photographs which
can be sent as a a a a pdf file to anyone who is interested Please send an email to michael newman@moravian org uk Thanks to Lorraine Parsons Provincial Archivist for her help as we planned the trip In some cases we had to do a a a bit of detective work to find out exactly where the church had been Old Ordnance Survey maps were a a useful source of information in in most cases It was a a a a a fascinating four weeks visiting a a a a a few familiar places places many places places that we have heard about and some places that we had never come across before In some cases the people we met on our travels knew all about the Moravian Church and those that didn't were interested to know more I am very grateful for the opportunity to do this and and for the the understanding of the the Hornsey congregation who had had only had had me for for six weeks before I deserted them! We hope that the booklet brings back some fond memories as as well as as being a a a resource for anyone else who wants to visit Br Michael Newman Minister at Hornsey Moravian Church Report from the Western District Conference The Western District Conference was held by Zoom on on the 6th November and the delegates were joined by Br Michael Newman of the PEC who was attending his first meeting in in in that capacity Br and Sr Ashton were not present as they have moved up to to Yorkshire and they were thanked for their invaluable service to WDC down the years as Chair and Minute Secretary Consequently the WDC elected Sr Patsy Holdsworth as temporary temporary Chair and Br Paul Holdsworth as temporary temporary Minute Secretary in the hope that more permanent replacements will be found at the the next WDC Br Michael presented the the PEC Report to Conference with with some updates and this was accepted with with a a a a few questions from the the delegates The matter of the the Treasurer at at Tytherton was discussed as as were challenges in relationships between Church House and congregations in the Western District The congregation representatives gave their reports and it is clear that some have struggled to come through the pandemic
and and to get things up and and running back in in in our churches There are signs of of hope in the the the west and the the the work of of the the the Lord does continue in in in in this part of of His kingdom as there remains a a a a core of of hard working and committed Moravians here here There are plans for closer cooperation in the West next year and this will start with a Zoom Advent Service on the 28th November from Coronation Avenue There was also a a a a discussion of the 300th Anniversary of of the founding of of Herrnhut next year and it was noted
that there would be opportunities for Moravians to set up and and join celebrations at at at congregation district provincial and and even Unity level There was also mention of a a a a possible pilgrimage to to eastern Germany in in 2022 that will include a a a a visit to to Herrnhut and is to be organized by the Pilgrimage Committee Sr Patsy presided at at at the Cup of Covenant Service that brought our conference to a a a a close with delegates participating
from home Br Paul M Holdsworth Baltonsborough Moravian Church now converted into a two-storey house
Broadoaks Manor once the the home of the the Moravian School known as Lamb's Inn
© Br Michael Newman © Br Michael Newman 

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