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Report from the Midlands District Conference
The Midlands District Conference
met on on the the morning of Saturday 16th October on Zoom There were 11 brothers and sisters attending including
Br Peter Gubi representing the PEC Br Gubi presented the Provincial Board
report which was was taken as as as read He added that the the Ockbrook School business was was now in in in the the the hands of administrators and and the the the property was up for sale or or or rent The PEC has met with the the the Church Committee and there is a a a a request from Ockbrook to meet with the the congregation A Project 32 implementation committee has been formed Br Tony Harvey reported on on Ockbrook's experience of Zoom There has been a a a a a completely new audio/visual system installed in in in the the church Whilst there have been problems 'broadcasting' is now becoming a a a a a a valuable part of worship The closure of the the school was a a a a a shock which rattled around the the whole village with some caustic and unwarranted comments Sr Jennifer Henry reported that during the the pandemic contact continued with the the Leicester Leicester membership including
fellowship meetings Leicester Leicester joined Ockbrook for Zoom Worship and are now back in church regularly with an an an attendance of about 10
Br Blair Kesseler reported that Hall Green is now worshipping back in in in church but continues to to to use Zoom to to to share worship worship with with those who can't physically come to to to church church Numbers remain good with with approximately 40 in in church church and 30 on Zoom for recent services HGUCC continues to to meet its obligation to to the the the other denominations involved in in in in the the the United Church and thanks were expressed for the ministerial service of Sr Lorraine Shorten Sr Glynis Ashfield from Leominster reported that that they had joined with HGUCC for Zoom services and that that they they had celebrated the the first communion in a a a a a a a a a long time
on on on on Maundy Sunday Sunday and a a a a a a a a a garden service on on on on Easter Sunday Sunday The Craft Meeting continues with three new members and MWA has restarted They look forward to Sr Lorraine's consecration in November 2022 2022 2022 calendar: district service is is agreed for for for 29th May 2022 2022 2022 Date for for for 2022 2022 2022 meetings agreed for for for 26th February 10am 10am and 15th October 10am 10am both on Zoom A useful and productive meeting closed with all participants joining in in in in The Grace Br Blair Kesseler Notices
Daily Watchword video When we first entered lockdown in March 2020 you may recall that we we were assisted by Dr Deborah Swallow in in setting up Worship on the Web Deborah has has kept in in in touch since then and has has been developing a a a ministry gift for us by creating and editing videos of of the the Daily Watchwords Each of of these
videos can be be be accessed through the link below and it has been picked up as a a a a a regular feature on on a a a a a television programme in in Suriname https://www youtube com/c/ moraviandailywatchwords/null
Daily Watchwords 2022 The Daily Watchwords for 2022 are now available from Church House at a a a cost of £6 50 each plus P P & P P Orders can be sent to the Bookroom via email at office@moravian org uk or or or by telephone at 020 8883 3409 Properties to Let
There is one one three-bedroom property and one one two- bedroom property available to rent at Fairfield Applications forms and further details are available from the property agent Mr John Forrester First Floor 19/21 Chapel Brow Leyland Preston PR25 3NH Tel: 01772 421566 e-mail: info@johnforrester co uk Viewing to be arranged with the local agent Br Glyn Jones The closing date for both properties is 5pm on Friday 21st January 2022 Congregational Register
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21st 21st Nov Nov 2021 2021 Ron Godsall
21st 21st Nov Nov 2021 2021 David John Cartwright-Booth
Reception into Membership
21st Nov 2021 David John Cartwright-Booth
19th Oct 2021 Marjorie Bottomley
Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Salem
From Church House Meetings are continuing to be held online wherever possible Provincial Diary for January 13 LAMM (London Association of Moravian Missions) AGM
14 BMB (British Mission Board)
22 PYCC (Provincial Youth and Children's Committee) 27-28 PEC (Provincial Board)
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