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University Road Belfast
- Celebrates 150 Years of Ministry
Br David Kernohan with the refurbished Notice Board
Sr Sr Annie Speers Sr Sr Anne Gilmore and Br Derick Woods cutting the cake
Over the the weekend of of 15th to to 17th October the the University Road congregation celebrated 150 years of of ministry in in South Belfast
The weekend began with an an an exhibition open to to the the the public which portrayed the the the the history of the the the the congregation and and displayed artifacts and items from across the the the years At the the the service of of worship which was at at the the the centre of of the the the celebrations we we were joined by three former Ministers who had served at at University Road Br Br Br Paul Holdsworth was the the preacher for for the the occasion and Br Br Br Len Broadbent read a a a a a a a a a a a a a lesson while Sr Katherine Woolford took part by by video We were treated to to uplifting musical items by by by soloist Clover Watts and by by our organist Br Alastair Douglas who gave an an an an organ voluntary The local community was represented at the the service by the the MP for South Belfast
Clare Hanna who brought greetings
Brother Ronnie McCartney
We at University Road were deeply saddened recently to learn of of the passing of of Br Br Ronnie Ronnie McCartney
Br Br Ronnie Ronnie had been a a a a a a a a a a member and a a a a a a a a a a a true stalwart of the congregation for more than 60 years until ill health prevented him from being amongst us He was a a a a a a a a man man of many talents and these
were evidenced in in the the the myriad ways in in which which he he he he served and the the varied roles roles which which he he he he fulfilled for our church Among those roles roles were that of of Scoutmaster Choirmaster Editor of of of the the News and and Views newsletter and and long serving member of of the the Church Committee Ronnie was was a a a a a a a a a a a musician who who not only played the organ on on on on many occasions at at University Road but who who was was also willingly 'on call' to other congregations in in in in the the Irish District including
and words of congratulation and and we we we were pleased to welcome fellow Moravians from each of the the other congregations in the the the Irish District and from the recently established Republic of Ireland Fellowship No University Road celebration would be complete without a a time
of fellowship enjoyed
with good food and this
one was no no exception A sumptuous afternoon
tea masterminded by Sr Mandy Kernohan was was enjoyed
by by by all and and the anniversary cake
was was ceremoniously cut by by three members with with longstanding family associations with with the congregation Another highlight of of the the the the weekend was the the the the 'unveiling' of of the the the the refurbished church notice board generously sponsored by Br David Kernohan in in memory of his wife Mina The success of of the the occasion was due in no no small part to the the boundless enthusiasm and and hard work of of of Br Br Mark Kernohan who led the Anniversary Planning Team and and and and we offer Br Br Mark and and and his team our heartfelt thanks and and and appreciation The church has been privileged to to bring the the the the message of of the the the the Gospel to to the the the the community of of South Belfast
for the the the the past 150 years We ask God's blessing as as as as we continue and renew our commitment His work here into the future Ballinderry Cliftonville and Kilwarlin when an an an an organist was was required He was was also deeply interested in in church history and assembled an an extensive archive of photographs writings and artifacts which have formed the basis of many exhibitions for for commemorative occasions and heritage weekends Above all Br Ronnie McCartney
was a a a a a a friend friend to many quietly doing good wherever and and whenever he he he he could We his friends at at University Road and and and and throughout the Irish District will miss him and and and and we send our prayers and and and and sympathy to his daughter Sr Ingrid Quinn and and and the wider family Sr Carol Ackah
© Sr Ingrid Quinn Twins (five weeks premature) enjoying 'Mama's Morning Milk' supported by hearts knitted by a member of Baildon
Craft Group
© Sr Janna Mitchell
© Sr Lynsey Cunningham
© Br Mark Kernohan 

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