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Report from Camp Aramis
A A group of of us gathered at at at Ockbrook Settlement for 'Camp Aramis' originally created due to the the the sad reality of of the the the Greenbelt Festival being postponed nationally once again Wonderfully Camp Aramis
promised its own identity It was smaller and and more intimate with some fun flexible workshops and and trips out in in in in the the offering Our camp base was the the beautifully quiet Michael Rea Memorial Garden just paralleling Ockbrook's God's Acre We gathered from from all corners of of the the the U K ranging in in in age from from seven months to to to those into their thirties Some of of us had camped before and and others were complete novices I think it it it it it is
fair to to to say that we we all all all came a a a a a a a a a a a a a little little bit nervous a a a a a a a a a a a a a little little excited and and all all all really looking forward to to spending time together I don't think anyone knew everyone and so as we we we gathered that first evening after we we we we had all pitched a a a a a a a a a a a a tent to to to varying degrees of success we we we we just wanted to to to get to to to know one another as best we we could Food is
always a a a a a a a a a a a good way way - and so our first group meal of 'pizza' began began catering for all dietary requirements We filled our hungry tummies as as we each began began to to learn a a a a a a a a a a a a a a little about one another All of this this was overseen by a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a toddler who kept watching and learning about how this this might in in in in some way relate to 'being church' Some of us retired to bed earlier than others who stayed up playing games and making merriment in in in in Ockbrook Church's Hall our not camping 'base' where over the the next few days we would eat reflect and pray together Sr Claire Maxwell Chelsea
On Friday we began our day day by eating breakfast together and joining in in in in with morning prayers After prayers we played some outside games games I thoroughly enjoyed becoming competitive and learning new games games games that I can share with others to enjoy enjoy in in in in the the future The games games involved teamwork laughter and spirit A guided take time meditation meditation led led by one of our campers enabled me me me me to to to feel relaxed During this meditation meditation it it it involved relaxing our bodies listening to to to to to to a a a a a a a a a story about God and having the opportunity to to to to to to to speak to to to to to to to him! After this experience we we took time to to to to to reflect on on what we we we spoke to to to to to God about and which part of the meditation we we enjoyed most In the the afternoon we ventured out to grab some ice cream During the the walk all campers engaged in in conversation and Can't do do right for doing wrong!
Setting aside writing Labrador Memoirs for the time being I have been asked to write a a a a a a a piece reflecting on something significant that has happened in in in in my ministry either light- hearted or serious - - and after 40 years of of Ordained Ministry there are quite a a a a a a a a few! (Many of of them unprintable)
Arriving at at at my first congregation as a a a a a a a a relatively young man with a a a a a a a a a a a a wife and and family full of enthusiasm and and zeal following my training at Moravian Theological Seminary in in in in in Bethlehem Pennsylvania I set about my task of preaching and teaching Not yet Ordained I was still using sermons prepared whilst at college and having not long completed a a a a a Liturgics module
with Bishop Ed Kortz I used the Moravian Liturgy Book
regularly Following one such service greeting people at the the back of Church with the the usual words of thanks for a a a good service an elderly member of the congregation (a force to to be reckoned with) stood in front of me leaned heavily on on her walking stick looked me in the eye and said: 'Tha doesn't have to use all't prayers in't liturgy tha knows' Barely a a a month into my ministry it was a a a lesson to be learned I supposed A month or so later taking heed of the advice given I used the Second Order and omitted some of the set prayers At the the the end of the the the service the the the same sister
approached me set her stick down firmly on on my foot (although I think that was unintentional) looked me in in in the eye and said: ‘What's up wit' royal family today then?’
You guessed it it it - it it it was that that prayer that that I I had had omitted I I obviously still had had much to learn That particular sister
went on to be very supportive of my ministry in in the months that followed (Please forgive my attempt at at the Yorkshire dialect)
Br Robert Hopcroft
© Camp Aramis

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