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Bedford (Queen's Park)
The Irish dance group who have been
using our hall informed us us they will no longer be be be be hiring it due to to COVID and and and a a a a a a a fall in in in in numbers All their equipment had to to be be be removed and and and and this revealed mould and and and and holes in in the the floor This took three months to to repair and and and redecorate We held our harvest festival on on on 26th September Sr Allison who was visiting from America is is is is an an an an an opera singer and and and sang 'Amazing Grace' and and and and 'He's Got the Whole World in in in in in in in His Hands' We invited friends to join join us us and and and and this resulted in in in in in in eight adults and and four children joining us us - tables were
put out on the the lawn for refreshments after the service Br Eric Moore
From Church House
Dear Brothers and Sisters Greetings from the Provincial Board!
I am am delighted to to let you know that Br James Woolford has accepted the the Call of the the Church to to serve Baildon alongside Fulneck congregation This call will take effect from Sunday 7th November 2021 Br David Howarth has has relocated full time to to London
but has been
providing sacramental cover throughout October Please keep James his family and the congregations in your prayers Sr Roberta Hoey On Behalf of of the the Provincial Board of of the the Moravian Church Child Poverty Petition
The British Province has now submitted the the details for our on-line petition on on on on Child Poverty and once the the vetting process has been
completed completed we would ask you to considering signing this this Once validation is is is is completed completed and the link is is is is available this this will be shared with all congregations Yours in Christ's service Br David Howarth On Behalf of of the the Provincial Board of of the the Moravian Church New Contact Details
In future correspondence Rev Rev Jane Jane Dixon will formally be known as as Rev Rev Jane Jane Carter and please note her new email address: jane carter@moravian org uk Provincial Diary for November 6 Western District Conference
9 Finance Committee Meeting (Online)
16-17 PEC (Church House
18 European Mission Council (Dar Es Salaam R Hoey)
19-21 Unity Mission & Development Board (Dar Es Salaam R Hoey)
21-25 Moravian Church Foundation
(Dar Es Salaam R R Hoey & R R Hopcroft)
Congregational Register
29 Aug 2021 26th Sept 2021 26th Sept 2021 26th Sept 2021 Marriages
7th Aug 2021 25th Sept 2021 Death
31st Jan 2021 20th Sept 2021 Robert Shipley Dickinson Gomersal Logan Robert Anthony Watkin Fairfield
Lottie Blu Lynne Watkin Luca Tommie Watkin Caroline Mitchell
& Nityabh Mishra
Sophie Rittig & Peter Clarson Ockbrook
Thelma Gardener Bath Weston Olive Linyard Ockbrook
1 21 All Saints' Day
Diwali-Deepavali - - Sikh/Hindu
Bonfire / Guy Fawkes Day
Interfaith Week (www interfaithweek org)
Realisation of of the Headship of of Christ in 1741
Remembrance Sunday Anti-Bullying Week (www anti-bullyingalliance org uk)
International Men's Day
Ability Sunday (www livability org uk/get-involved/
World Day
of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (www roadpeace org)
Church Service Sunday First Sunday of Advent
Hanukkah - Jewish St Andrew's Day
4 5 14-21 13 14 15-19
19 28
29 Nov-6 Dec
Moravian Stars
The following types of Moravian Stars
are available to purchase from Church House:
• Indoor star (paper 60cm)
• Outdoor star (plastic 68cm)
• Crib size star (paper 13cm)
£25 00 (plus P&P) £45 00 (plus P&P) £21 00 (plus P&P) Colours of both indoor and and outdoor stars in in stock are: white white white yellow yellow yellow red red red red/yellow and and red/white The crib size star is only available in two colours: white white white or yellow yellow yellow We also stock power supply cables for all three types of stars:
• Indoor star • Outdoor star • Crib size star £10 00 (plus P&P) £15 00 (plus P&P) £15 00 (plus P&P) Please contact Sr Gladys Korsah at Church House
for more details 131
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