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Moravian Church Oral History Project
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few interviews and we hope to continue interviewing through 2021-2022 Interviews are usually audio and/or video- recorded at at at a a a a a a a a a a a a a convenient location that is arranged with the participant according to strict guidelines of research ethics A small grant from the Pollock Missionary Memorial Trust was received to to contribute to to some of of the the the cost for the the the use of of equipment required and further funding is being sought A key part of of the the project is the the creation of of a a a a a a a a a a digital archive that will preserve and make accessible the contributions made by participants for future generations to to research which can help to to educate and promote awareness of our rich cultural heritage We would like to to create a a a a a a a more diverse and inclusive history of of the the members of of the the the Moravian Church than currently exists With their consent we hope to to use the the the biographies collected in this project to to show how how the the the British- Caribbean/African community in in the the the British Province Province contributed to the the Province's development and growth If you would like to participate or or learn more about the project please contact me at Church House (Tel: 020 8883 3409) or or by email: archive@moravian org uk Sr Lorraine Parsons
Provincial Archivist
In the Moravian Church leading in in worship refers to self-preparation planning sequencing and delivery of all those acts that are part of worship You are invited to register for this training course which is is is being offered for those who wish to be be recognised as Worship Leaders in in the Moravian Church British Province The course will be delivered online one weekend (Friday night and Saturday) each month from November 2021 through to May 2022 The sessions in February and May will be residential at a a a a a a a location in England Travel and and accommodation will be covered REQUEST A A REGISTRATION FORM FROM YOUR MINISTER UPON REGISTRATION YOU WILL RECEIVE THE LINK FOR THE COURSE WHICH WILL BEGIN NOVEMBER 5 2021 YOUR REGISTRATION FEE OF £50 MAY BE RECLAIMED WHEN YOU COMPLETE THE COURSE WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU FOR FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL: livingstone thompson@moravian org uk Letter to to the Editorial
I write with news that a a report commissioned by this government and paid for out of public funds confirms that one third of UK children are now living in in our government's standard of poverty In the last 10 years there has been an increase of 700 000 youngsters living in conditions of poverty That's 70 000 a a a a year year year year on on on year not a a a a a a lot of Moravian's know that do they? I have made my churches campaign known to the Church of Ireland to to Lambeth Palace to to the Archbishops of Canterbury and and York the Bishops of Durham and and Birmingham Save the the Children CPAG Catherine West MP and Marcus Rashford My question to this province is is when will Br Graham Mallinson's and my resolution the only one ever
to be passed twice in Synods 2016 and 2018 be executed?
This resolution is is is the most Christo-centric ever
to to be passed at Synods and the only one ever
to be passed twice in my 50 years in in this Moravian Church province as a a a a a member Why has the petition not yet being launched? Child poverty is in in our nation's mind now there has not been a a a better time to start our petition I invite those caring church members to to write to to our PEC We are now experiencing a a UK child poverty pandemic Yours working for for nothing for for Christ Br Alan Holdsworth
The PEC has stated that they are planning to launch this in September 111

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