Moravian Messenger September 2020
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Everyone In?
Living during the Coronavirus pandemic has presented challenges for all of us:
the challenge of staying safe has been even more acute for those without a home.
On the 23rd March, the Prime Minister announced that Britain was being placed in lockdown due to an imminent threat to life presented by the spread of a potentially deadly virus. Not just in Britain, but across the world, the message was unequivocal, we all had to 'stay home to stay safe and save lives.'
Most people, even those with a home to stay safe in, experienced some sense of fear. There was also, we were told, a need for enhanced hygiene routines and a clear instruction that anyone feeling unwell should self-isolate to prevent the spread of the virus.
A sudden spotlight was shone on the acute vulnerability of those who had no
homes and, in particular, those who were sleeping rough on our streets. Many people who are homeless also have underlying health problems. The often- congregate nature of their lifestyle either on the streets, or in temporary hostels with shared facilities, would make it impossible for them to maintain the strict regimes being recommended by government. Any infection within their midst would spread rapidly. The drop in facilities provided by charities, which they often rely on, were abruptly closed as the risk of transmission was just too high.
There was an urgent need for a response which wouldn't just keep people who were homeless safe but would control the spread of this virus and help to keep
all of us safe. Recognising this, all of the governments throughout the UK sought to ensure emergency accommodation was available to bring 'everyone in' from the streets and to have a single room which would allow them to self-isolate.
The capacity of existing providers of temporary accommodation to respond to this challenge was however significantly reduced.
• Social distancing guidelines meant less people could be accommodated.
• This service couldn't be delivered 'remotely'. Charities struggled as staff/volunteers tested positive for the virus or were forced to shield due to health conditions.
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