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This Very Hour
War-time Edition of the
Moravian Messenger for May 1945
As we approach 75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe we take a look back at the front page of a war-time edition of the Moravian Messenger for May 1945, some of which may have some relevance for these times
Victory is in sight. It may come before these words appear in print; it may be delayed. But it is in sight. It will not be end of hostilities, for the war in the East has still to be won. But it will be victory in Europe and for Europe, the major victory even for the world.
That it will be celebrated by Thanksgiving in church is plain. We shall indeed thank God that these days and years - more than any one could have thought possible or endurable - of anxiety and danger, of suffering and sorrow, of loss and sacrifice, are passed; that our country has been saved from a terrible fate; that our people have been granted an amazing unity of spirit and a great leadership; that our men and women have given, both at home and especially in the Forces, unsurpassed devotion to national service and good cause.
'We offer Thee our humble praise, O Lord, for that Thou hast sheltered, upheld and brought us through the past of our life to this very hour.'
'This very hour!' What an hour it will be - of rejoicing and rightful
relief! But let us be sober and realistic. It will be an hour for new duties.
The first duty of the Church is to make clear to all that it will be an hour for new tasks, new problems, new opportunities, as great as, in some respects greater than, any that have confronted our people hitherto. We must guard against dangerous restrictions that the years of strain; efforts must be redirected, not relaxed. We may have less restrictions but we shall have some. Our necessities will be supplied, but we must forgo luxuries lest other nations starve.
The second duty of the Church is to turn with renewed care to the fostering of its own life. Rehabilitation is needed; but more than that. Renewal is needed; and extension in both dimensions, outwardly in an increase of membership and inwardly in a deeper understanding of the Gospel. In each direction there is an urgent call for believing evangelism in which laity and ministry should equally share. And as we look forward to the rerun of our men and women from their scattered places of service we
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