Moravian Messenger February 2020
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The New Unity Youth's Website
In January 2019, the Unity Youth Committee met together in Tabora, Western Tanzania. Three of us plus the Unity Board Administrator and our (then) newly appointed UYC Desk Coordinator discussed various aspects of what we would like to achieve. We also considered what we could do to bring together and link Moravian Church youth members, with its many supporters and leaders. It was decided that, in line with Moravian tradition, one of the best things we could offer was fellowship and education, but the challenge was how to do this on a global scale ...
The idea came that we should first put together a Facebook page. This platform would give a majority of people around the world, a forum where they could interact with us and also with each other. They could post updates about what they were doing to share and learn more about God - not only on a provincial level but also on a local and individual level.
Next came the proposal for a Unity Youth Website. This would be more of a resource centre and information platform where we could direct people for things like the About Us page, our own Blog or for details about the upcoming Heritage Tour in 2021. You can also find links to other great places of resources online like Bible Studies, songs, camp ideas, podcasts and more!
If you are a youth member, a youth leader, or simply interested in what is going on in youth work globally within the Moravian Church I encourage you to get online and take a look and what we have to offer. Maybe you're not that confident online or unsure where to go? Why not speak to one of your youth members and discover this together or even as a church!
Like youth work, our online presence is constantly growing and developing. We are here to serve and so want to know
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what you think or if you need any more information. Of course if you have something you wish to share we would love to hear about it - maybe it's an event that you ran? Perhaps a successful fundraiser? That trip your youth group took or simply what you learnt at Sunday School this past week? Get online and let us and the rest of the world hear your good news!
If you do have any queries, please feel free to contact me or drop onto the website or Facebook page and use the contact form. Jirina, our desk coordinator, will direct your question to the right place.
Br Phill Battelle
UYC Committee
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