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The theme was Wit and Wisdom, and this definitely was represented by all the acts I was able to see. I would recommend Greenbelt to everyone as it's an event for all
ages and beliefs! I intend to go again next year and hope to see a few more Moravians there.
Sr Alishbha Khan Harlesden
Wit and Wisdom: a theme that really drew me in to going to Greenbelt for the first time. The staggering variety of talks, music and communion that graced the line-up provided so much to do over the whole weekend. I tried to do as much as I could, filling my time with talks from experts around current issues which need more awareness, and opening my mind to new ways of thinking about faith, sexuality and spirituality from inspiring figures including John Bell, Nadia Bolz- Weber, and Russell Brand to name just a few. One of the things that really stood out for me at Greenbelt was the incredibly friendly atmosphere that you would not find at any other festival. It felt safe to explore the site on your own with volunteers who were approachable if you needed to seek help along with the welcoming attitude of past Greenbelters.
One question that crossed my mind before arriving was whether the musical presence would be as prominent as another festival. After the first main stage performance of the festival on the Friday night by the phenomenal Lucy Spraggan, I knew that I would not be disappointed. Throughout the rest of the weekend there were performances by a passionate contemporary blues band called 'Fantastic Negrito', an energetic folk group aptly named 'Folk On', a politically driven band with a twist bringing some of their own songs as well as well-known ones to life through the use of brass entitled 'Brass Against', and the lively maverick 'Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls' who finished off Sunday with a storm. There really was something for everyone, and I loved every moment
of it.
After an exhilarating first Greenbelt, I am certain this will be the first of many to come. Next year's theme 'Wild at Heart' will bring more fascinating talks, discussions and music and I encourage anyone who is
interested to sign up and come along as it really is a weekend you cannot miss.
Br Daniel Newman Fulneck
© Sr Alishbha_Khan
I have just returned to the real world, having had one of the BEST weekends of my life. Yes, I went to Greenbelt. The festival to end all festivals. It was my first time and I can now say it was an enjoyable experience. It was the first festival that I've been to and it was bigger, better, friendlier than I thought it would have been. I've never experienced anything like it before and the sense of community is amazing.
On arrival, we assisted with setting up the tents. Once that was out of the way we headed to the festival - I was a bit unsure of what to do first. However, with access to the greenbelt App or the programme, there was something for everyone to enjoy, so I was spoiled for choice when it came to music, performing arts, literature, comedy, visual arts and the many workshops proudly, operating throughout the weekend.
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the comedy Bilal-Zafar who is known for his storytelling, low-key on-stage demeanour and fascinating insight. With the added bonus of being very funny.
When I was there, I was encouraged to see 'A super happy story (about feeling super sad)' by Silent Uproar, which tackles depression in a new way, with songs and throwing glitter. But it portrayed how it's okay not to be okay, and left a lot of audience members, including myself, thinking about the topic late into the rest of the night.
So, I thought I'd let you in on the three 'Go' Greenbelt tips: all the things I learnt. I hope they help you get prepared and make the most of your Greenbelt experience!
1.  Go with awesome people
2.  Go with an     open mind
3.  Go light as     you can or     bring a trolley.
Br Ben Shorten
Hall Green
Moravians go to Greenbelt!
Moravians go to Greenbelt!
Moravians go to Greenbelt!
© Sr Alishbha_Khan

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