Moravian Messenger August 2019
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Provincial Men's Fellowship Rally Report
Saturday 22 June 2019 was the scheduled date for the Provincial Men's Rally at Bedford.
The theme of the Rally was, 'Transforming discipleship: Moravian Missions Today', a title chosen by Sr
Roberta Hoey who was our main speaker
for the afternoon.
An opportunity was given to those who wished to visit the Bunyan Museum and Meeting place at 11am before the Rally commenced. Sr Gwen Gribble and the team kindly welcomed those who visited and gave a detailed talk on the life and work of John Bunyan.
At 12.30pm brothers and sisters from
around the Province converged in the Moravian Church, Queen's Park, Bedford. Those present were welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee in the Church hall.
At 1pm we made our way into the Church for the opening worship that was led by Br Kenneth Evans. A welcome to the
Moravian Church in Bedford was given by Br Edwin Quildan. Written greetings were sent and received from Bishop John McOwat. Sr Roberta Hoey gave greetings from the Provincial Board which were received. The Men's Fellowship theme song was sung (New Moravian Hymnbook 304 Give Praise to God who reigns above) as a collection was taken towards the Men's Fellowship project work.
We were pleased to welcome our two speakers for the day Sr Roberta Hoey and Br Paul Holdsworth from the Provincial Board. Br Paul Holdsworth commenced with a question 'What is Mission, what is Church'? The responses were captured on a flip chart. The interactive brainstorming session continued, and groups were formed with various questions given to each group. The session went very well with the number of responses filling a flip chart. Group role play was now used to set the scene for the later discussions. Sr Roberta Hoey advised on the current works in South Asia using a PowerPoint presentation to visually portray the area, issues, people and mission work. There are currently discussions, preparations and actions put in place to commence the journey of making South Asia into a full Province, in their own right. The difficulties of geography and distance between
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Sr Gwen Gribble
Unity Women's Desk
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Fuel Poverty
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James Montgomery’s ‘The West Indies’
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Heritage Days
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