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JULY 2019
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There are so many bible verses that encourage us to meet as one body, as one unity, to work to God's praise and glory. The most famous is probably the following: 'For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them' Matthew 18:20.
This bible verse I find to be true and feel to be true. I feel it to be true every Sunday morning when I am with my congregation as I feel God's presence there. I felt the same when attending the MWA Day. God's presence was there.
The day began with tea, coffee and biscuits. That I find is the best start to any day. I sat talking to the wonderful ladies who are a part of my congregation whilst other familiar and friendly faces arrived. I caught up with friends and excitement and happiness was felt in the room as other people did the same. This feeling of fellowship continued during the singspiration as we all sang in unison to the songs we have grown up with and loved. People were still arriving, but it did not matter, people joined in when they
could and it was a fantastic start to the day. Following on from this the reports were read, and it was interesting to find out more about the developments in the MWA, how much money had been raised and where the money was going. The guest speaker, Sr Dolvis Ferdinand was inspirational. She spoke about her pastoral work within her local shopping centre, which involved listening to people within her community and offering support. It related to the theme of letting our gifts shine and working to God's praise and glory. I could tell that Dolvis had the gift of love, kindness and patience. Her very presence when speaking was calming and approachable and I understood that she was carrying out God's calling to her by completing the volunteer work. It made me consider what my gifts are and what God calls me to do.
The service was enjoyable and related to the theme of letting our gifts shine. Some people's gifts became apparent when taking part in the workshops which were varied and inclusive to all. I took part in
the Dance workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was led by an external member and despite there only being a few within the group, I laughed so much. I found it challenging, enjoyable and great exercise. After the workshop had concluded we finished with Holy communion, sharing in the body and blood of Christ, celebrating the time we had shared together. The day concluded with cake, tea and coffee. Again, the perfect way to end an incredible day of fellowship.
I found the day to be enjoyable and reflective. I felt that not only had I understood the theme of letting God's gifts within us shine but had gone one step further by acknowledging my gifts. I have always considered my calling to be my ability to work with and get along with young people, but I don't think I have ever acknowledged it properly. I have been a summer camp leader for seven years and during that time I have always felt like I belonged. At the MWA day I met a young girl who joined us in the dance class and from that moment,
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