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JUNE 2019
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Unity Youth Committee in Tanzania
In January of 2019, I was invited to partake in the Unity Youth Committee meeting taking place in Tabora, Tanzania. The journey was at times long but the trip was eye-opening, educational and productive.
Unfortunately our trip began with a delay due to Amsterdam airport closing on the day of our travel. This caused Georgie and me, the new Unity Youth Desk Coordinator from the Czech Province, to arrive into Dar es Salaam almost a day late. We had some catching up to do in order to meet up with our fellow committee members in Tabora but it did give us chance to explore some of the city we had arrived into.
Dar es Salaam is a hot, busy, and much like some places I've visited recently, developing city. New buildings and areas of the city sit aside older and more established parts like the fish market. People from all walks of life can be found here and tourism is a large and growing
part of its makeup. Due to our itinerary change, we stayed in Dar for the evening before a very early flight North to Mwanza where we were met and driven six hours south to Tabora (Tanzania is a very big country!). Eventually we managed to catch up with our fellow committee members; David from South Africa, William from Tanzania and Dr Bøytler from the ECP. Unfortunately we were missing two members; Sacha from the Caribbean and Angelica from North America who couldn't make the journey but they were kept in touch via Whatsapp and email messages.
The Unity Youth Committee was established just a few years ago by request of the Unity Board. It seeks to support, encourage and develop youth work across our Unity as well as the sharing of news, ideas and connections between the different regions. Each region is represented by a delegate and meetings take place every two years in different parts of the Unity. Over the
course of two days we discussed various topics and looked at what we wanted to achieve as a committee. One of our main discussions and targets was the preliminary plans and dates for the next Unity Youth Heritage tour in 2022. This tour will offer two delegates from each Province (aged 22 to 35) the opportunity to explore the life and styles of the Moravian Church in Tanzania. Hopefully, using experience from the previous tour and feedback from delegates we can make this an exceptional trip! So keep your eyes peeled for more information...
Once our meetings had completed we were taken on a tour of some mission stations and churches. These all varied in size and distance from each other but every single one greeted us warmly and offered us songs, dance, prayers and a chance to introduce and bring greetings from our regions. It was amazing to hear and see how much the church is a part of the communities here. Some of the congregations had actually well outgrown
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