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Ingrid Markussen was born in 1945, the fourth of eleven children and, although living in Denmark, many of her childhood memories can be shared by those of the same generation growing up in the UK. She recalls how her early years living in the countryside were filled with 'hard work, sunshine and play'. Following World War Two there was a shortage of everything but there was no shortage of love in her family. Love emanated from her parents and Ingrid passed that love on to others throughout her life. In her youth she loved attending Sunday School and it was during this time that a seed was planted that was to grow into a dream and then become a reality. Her whole life displays her love for Jesus Christ.
She married her true love Jørgen Markussen in 1966 and that was when her life's
adventure really began. Ingrid and Jørgen were both accepted as missionaries in 1969 when their lives' love of Tanzania also began. During their time in Africa - in Sikonge, Usukuma, Itigi and Mwanza - their love of Jesus shone through them and their work in spreading the gospel.
'Safari' is a gripping account of the numerous friends they made and their amazing experiences which filled their lives whilst doing God's work. As in all families they have lived through highs and lows, both in their personal lives and in their missionary work. These range from family tragedy and illness to wonderful holidays on the beach, from encounters with everything from ants to lions and elephants and from acting as a midwife in the back of a car to meeting witch doctors and passing on the 'word of God' through trading a rooster for a Bible! They met every new challenge with vigour and remained focussed and resourceful throughout. In 2007 they left Tanzania for the last time, already having seen many fruits of their labours.
After their return to Denmark, Ingrid worked for the Inner Mission, and the couple are now fully retired, but somehow I feel Ingrid will never stop 'working for her Lord'. Teaching, preaching and praying for others are part of her. The feeling of opening the door to Jesus, when he stood knocking and letting him into her life, that overwhelmed her during her years in Sunday School, has never left her. She has felt God's presence with her throughout all circumstances. Even now when, in her words: 'life is lovely', she acknowledges that 'God's plan is always best and that her 'Safari' has been a 'Journey in God's Plan'.
Safari is an enthralling book and a wonderful testament to modern day missionaries. Meeting Ingrid at the European Women's Conference in 2018 was a joy and a privilege.
The book is available from Moravian Church House and proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards supporting the work amongst women and children in the areas where the BDM works; Tanzania, Burundi, DR, Congo, Albania and the West Bank of Israel.
Sr Diane Thornton
“Safari: A Journey in God's Plan” by Ingrid Markussen
This book is an absolute tour de force covering the years from Ingrid's birth in 1945 to her retirement in 2011. When Ingrid was a young girl she saw a missionary at her Sunday school called “Mama Larsen”. From then onwards she knew that she too wanted to be a missionary. This dream was realised when, at just 25 years old, she travelled to Africa with her husband and two small children. As a wife and mother myself, I could relate to the many difficulties that the family faced as they followed God's call to spread the gospel message in Africa and Denmark. Examples of this included the erratic supply of water and electricity and also the hardship of having to wait for a year before their belongings arrived in Africa - I don't know how they coped.
It was amazing how Ingrid and her husband moved into new mission areas time and time again. They had such strong faith to start in a new place from scratch as well as leaving projects behind hoping that they would continue in the future. It was such an eye opener to note all the skills that a missionary
needed: they had to nurse, be a mechanic and an engineer, a builder and a teacher of English, Maths, sewing and theology.
At times the language of the book is a little stilted but I feel that this adds to its charm; it is as if Ingrid is in the room with you retelling her story. Each chapter is a little cameo, a snap shot back in time. This makes it very readable, enabling you to dip in when you have a spare moment to re-join Ingrid on her journey.
I highly recommend this book, and I'm sure many people in the British province will, like me, enjoy it and be inspired by its message ... give it a try!
‘Safari A Journey in God’s Plan’ is written by Ingrid Markussen and published by Forlagsgruppen Lohse, Denmark. ISBN 978- 87-564-6161-0. Copies are available from the Book Room at Church House for £12.
Sr Elisabeth Hollindrake
A Journey in God's Plan by Ingrid Markussen

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