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Summer Camp
Dovedale House in the beautiful village of Ilam was again the venue for 21 young people and 7/8 adults to build a 'Come-Unity'. The house was alive with the sounds of greetings, as well as introductions as camp came together for 2018. New campers may have been a bit dazed initially but soon settled into camp life, lots of activity outside, worship and bible studies (four very different styles!), games inside, sharing rooms, eating together and building friendships. During the week we tried archery and water sports, climbed a mountain, visited a tea shop, had a day out at Alton Towers, were fed by Ockbrook congregation and worshiped there. Werewolf was a popular game for all ages and the campfire was done rather differently (not much singing but lots of marshmallows). All in all a fantastic week led by Phill Battelle and Jane Dixon, helped by Alishbha Khan (until Wednesday morning), Laura Wood, Stuart Walker, Lesley Cameron and Roberta Hoey (from Tuesday evening). Thanks to them this could go ahead but also thank you to all of those who encouraged the young campers to come along, supported camp financially and most importantly prayed for the camp before and during the week.
Sr Joy Raynor
Provincial Youth and Children's Officer
P.S. I am recruiting for 2019 leaders - if you are interested, drop me an email/Facebook pm/phone me.
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