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JULY 2018
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Synod Preview
Each Synod has its own particular theme and this forthcoming Synod will be no different because two long standing members of our Provincial Board are retiring and we need to elect two new members to guide us through the next two years. Across the world people have been asked to pray for our Synod and here in the British Province we should be able to do the same and lift up informed prayer for the work of Synod and the direction of the Church.
This year from Friday 6th to Monday afternoon on the 9th July ministers, deputies and ex-officio members of Synod will come together at the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick to reflect on the past two years and to plan for the future of the Church. To do this they will hear reports of the work undertaken by the provincial Church Committees including the Provincial Board, debate proposals and elect people to various positions.
What does all this mean in practice and how will it be structured for this particular Synod? Synod will begin with the Opening Service where the preacher will be Rev Dr Jørgen Bøytler, the Unity Administrator and minister of Christiansfeld Moravian Church. This opening sermon very often sets the tone for the whole Synod and Br Bøytler is aware of all the issues in the worldwide Moravian Church. Following afternoon tea, Synod is formally opened by the Chair of the Provincial Board and the election of President and Deputy President of Synod takes place.
The Chairing Panel, Br Paul Holdsworth and Br Michael Newman will then take their places as Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson and the business of Synod begins.
The first item of business on the Friday evening is a proposal to elect a Bishop at this Synod. If Synod agrees this then the election of the new Bishop will take place first thing on Sunday morning. The second item of business is several proposals that if passed will change the composition of the Provincial Board from four members to six members. Again if this is passed then these elections will take place on the Sunday Morning. If time permits the beginning of the report of the Provincial Board to Synod will start on the Friday Evening.
Synod days and sessions begin and end with worship. Evening prayers finish the day on Friday and Saturday at 9pm and Morning Prayers and Bible Study begin each day at 8am. Each Synod session begins and ends with the singing of suitable
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