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JUNE 2018
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Perhaps quite a strange title for a fact finding trip about Br John Cennick but those of you who know Sr Sarah Groves will understand that, with her, things are never quite as simple as they first might appear to be!
whose 'architectural' drawings proved such a rich resource in our quest for Moravian buildings - some of which remain the same, some of which have been altered and some of which have now sadly disappeared.
We started in the New Room in Bristol. This, the oldest Methodist building in the world, was built by John Wesley in 1739. Today it contains a Chapel, a museum telling the story of the Wesley's and a library and archives. We had an interesting talk in the chapel by Gary Best, a Methodist historian and currently Warden of the New Room. He explained how there had originally been no pews in the chapel as the space had been used for such things as food and clothes banks. It puts one in mind of the French saying 'plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose'. We do not seem to have come so very far from those days in many things!
After a welcome coffee in the centre's cafe we heard Gary talk about John Cennick, his association with the Methodists and his relationship with the Wesley's and George Whitefield in particular. We heard that Cennick, the first layman to be used as a Methodist preacher and the deputy of George Whitefield, was upset by the dissensions
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This experience started with an invitation to travel to Bristol and the surrounding area in search of John Cennick. Twenty of us readily took up the offer. Like the Moravians themselves our group was ecumenical in nature, consisting of Moravians, Methodists, Church of Ireland and Presbyterians. Little did we realise that, like the man of whom we sought to have a greater understanding, our journey of discovery would not always be along conventional paths. Sarah's itinerary would put us in 'trespassing mode' in different places - as witnessed by the number of curtains which twitched as we opened gates, pushed aside wire and ducked under fences!
During our journey of discovery we visited many places - the New Room, Bristol; Kingswood with its Moravian Church, the United Church on Moravian premises and Whitfield's original tabernacle; Hanham Mount; Little Sodbury; Malmesbury; East Tytherton; Maud Heath's Causeway; Kington Langley and Castle Coombe! Phew! Oh and we also had a superb Sunday lunch at Foxham Inn, Foxham.
Here are a few nuggets from a full and fulfilling journey. Before we start, however, it has to be pointed out that there was not one but two Johns with us on this journey of discovery - the man himself, John Cennick, and also John England
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Whitfield's original tabernacle © Br Ted Wilson
Growth and Renewal Conference
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M.W.A. Irish Retreat
The Power of Living
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us our trespasses
News from Albania
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