Moravian Messenger April 2018
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APRIL 2018
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This morning I have been sowing sweetcorn seeds and the pots are now sitting on my kitchen windowsill. The broad beans, planted two weeks ago are breaking through the soil and the potatoes, chitting in the porch are starting to sprout. It has been a long cold winter and now spring seems to have come in with a tremendous rush and as usual the race is on to get all the seeds sown and then planted out before we miss the opportunity of lengthening days and warming soil.
Seeds to Eternity
Gardening is a very visceral activity, touching the soil from which we come from and to which we will return, and which nourishes us through life. It is very profound to push shriveled seeds into dark warm damp compost or to stand over a potato trench and place the potatoes into the cold soil and then cover them over wishing for new life to emerge. It often takes more time than we would want for these signs of new life to emerge, the seedlings in the seed tray or the potato haulms emerging from the trench; but the waiting is part of the process. The old life of the seed or tuber is discarded for the prize of new green growth pressing upwards.
I am of course writing this a few weeks before Easter but it has struck me how
much of the Holy Week and Easter narrative is set in the context of plants and gardens. Jesus rides up to Jerusalem on a donkey to the accompaniment of waving palm branches; the disciples question Jesus about the fate of a fig tree, there is a parable about a vineyard and Jesus compares himself to a vine; he spends the night in prayer before his arrest in the garden of Gethsemane; his body is laid in a tomb in a garden and on the resurrection morning Mary Magdalene sees him in this garden and presumes he is the gardener.
The ancient world was much closer to the mystery of gardening than we are so it was natural for St Paul to explain Christ's resurrection to the Church in Corinth in terms of a bare grain of wheat
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