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Hurricane Eta Update - Board of World Mission

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Hurricane Eta made landfall near Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, as a category 4 storm with top winds at 140 mph. The storm then moved slowly across Nicaragua and then into Honduras, continuing to drop heavy rain, causing streams and rivers to flood. Since leaving Honduras, the storm has also caused damage in Guatemala, Belize, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, and Florida.

Most heavily damaged is the area around Puerto Cabezas at the point of landfall. But the heavy rains and accompanying mudslides did horrific damage all along its trek inland.

There has been significant damage to homes, businesses, schools, and church buildings from the coast up into the mountainous mining towns of Bonanza and Rosita. There has also been significant crop and livestock loss, which will affect access to food for many months to come.

In La Mosquitia, Honduras, while the winds were not as destructive, the flooding has been. Throughout the region, upwards of 30 inches of rain fell in the span of fewer than two days. All of the rain that fell inland is now making its way to the coastal low-lands where there are many Moravian congregations. While damage to the Moravian Clinic in Ahuas was not severe, of concern there is that Dr. Kenneth Serapio's home in Puerto Cabezas received heavy damage, so he will be going home as soon as the roads are safe.

Many of these areas are still without electrical power, making recovery and communication difficult. There is now concern about the spread of waterborne diseases from raw sewage being washed into rivers and wells in all of these areas. Complicating this even further is the fact that Covid-19 spread will become an issue as folks who have lost their homes crowd into shelters.

In addition to working with our Moravian Church leaders in Nicaragua and Honduras, we are exploring partnerships with organizations such as Mission Aviation Fellowship and Feed the Hungry who are well established organizations in the area. Working with them will help us to reach people more effectively.

The immediate needs are for food, clean water, and sheltering materials for damaged homes. We need your help to bring these needed resources to the people that need it right now.

If you would like to donate please send cheques to Church House payable to Moravian Union Inc, or telephone us on 020 8883 3409 to make a card or bank payment. Thank you.

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