Wednesday, 24 July 2024

Young Peoples Missionary Association (YPMA) Update

Dear brothers and sisters, as I write this update, during the first week in May, I am in self isolation due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Our church buildings are closed and we are unable to meet together with our friends in Sunday school, church and other group activities.

Because of the internet we can still keep in touch with one another and worship God together. I enjoy the service each Sunday.
However, by not meeting our brothers and sisters each week it is easy to forget things which we normally do when we see them. One of these things may be giving your YPMA money to your YPMA Secretary each week, if this is what you normally do, please save it up at home and hand it in when it is safe to do so.

YPMA contributions are vital in order that the work among those less fortunate than our selves can continue. So, during these times of 'lock down' please continue to support YPMA.

The following is a reminder of the projects carried out in 2019 and this year's project.

YPMA Projects 2019
• Chikton and Khalaste: to provide educational materials.
• Rewa Society, Ladakh: work with disabled children in Ladakh India.
• Sikonge Hospital, Tanzania: new laboratory equipment for use in the treatment of children born with HIV.
• Elim Home and Star Mountain: donations to help them to continue their essential work into the future.
• Lasanji Bible College, Western Tanzania: three new computers for use by students and staff.
• Aquaboxes: five Community Filter Boxes to provide clean drinking water wherever the need is.

YPMA Project 2020
• Binnakandi, Asam: to contribute to a transport initiative to support children getting to school from surrounding areas and help with structural issues associated with the school building.

paul greenhough

Br Paul Greenhough
General Secretary, Young Peoples Missionary Association

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